We introduced Atomic City Brews, Atomic Liquors' festival offering, to help us expand our festival program and continue to bring you the best beer experiences the city has to offer. 

Our festivals truly are the perfect kind of homegrown events for a homegrown bar; in a city where it's more common to implode history than to preserve it, Atomic Liquors has managed to stay true to its Las Vegas roots for more than 60 years.

Locals may remember the bar as severely rundown and a questionable hang-out as it neared the end of its old life in 2010. But after a longtime local and lover of Las Vegas history restored it, the bar quickly became a treasured spot for Las Vegas locals to escape to, helping to create a much-needed sense of community downtown.

Our original festival, Sour Saturday, was first held in 2013. We started Atomic City Brews in 2016 with the goal of elevating the Las Vegas craft beer scene by putting on multiple festivals a year with diverse offerings that bring something to the table for beer lovers and curious drinkers alike.